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Whilst there are many different cat breeds, each breed has its own type of coat requiring individual grooming requirements. Compiled here is a list of breeds showing the varied lengths and coat density and texture.

With a short, ticked coat similar to a wild rabbit's coat, this is an agile, sleek

American curl
Having a semi-long coat, and medium-large,
walnut-shaped eyes,
this is a newer breed with ears that curve gently

American shorthair
A shorthaired cat native to North America, hardy and resistant to cold, it is a sturdy cat with a strong, square muzzle.

American wirehair
A "permed" version of the American shorthair, except for its fur, which is frizzy, wiry, and crimped.

With a medium-long, fine, silky, coat, this is the long haired version of the

A short coated, large, golden-brown, spotted cat that has the look of a small leopard, and was developed by interbreeding the domestic cat with the Asian leopard cat.

With a colour-pointed semi-long coat and four pure white feet and deep blue eyes, it is often
referred to as the Sacred Cat of Burma.

Has a short jet-black
shiny coat, a medium-sized, muscular cat with large, brilliant copper eyes.

British shorthair
A shorthaired cat with a dense, thick coat and native to Great Britain, it is strong, massive, and hardy.

Has a short, satin-like coat, this compact, strong cat has a round head with large, round, gold eyes.

This shorthaired cat with a dense coat and a strong, supple body is an ancient French breed.

Colorpoint shorthair
In Great Britain the varieties of this shorthaired
breed are considered Siamese, but in the USA are classified as a separate breed.

Cornish rex
With a short fine, wavy, silky coat,
large ears and a long slender body.

Devon rex
Has a slightly curlier,
coarser coat than
the Cornish Rex,
and a pixie face, with
large ears.

Egyptian mau
This cat has a medium short, spotted coat, dense but finely textured and is the only naturally occurring breed of spotted cat.

Exotic shorthair
Its coat is short, soft, dense yet plush.
A short haired version of the Persian.

Havana brown
With a short, lustrous, extremely glossy, rich brown coat and even all over its entire body, a medium-sized cat with a long and slender body.

Japanese bobtail
A short haired ancient breed native to Japan with a soft silky fur. The "Mi-ke" pattern (Japanese for three furs) is a symbol of good luck.

In Great Britain all these semi-long haired cats are known as Balinese. But with the expanded breeding programme in producing more colours in the USA they are classified as the Javanese breed.

Native to Thailand, with a short, thick and silky coat and no undercoat, this cat has a solid body and a heart shaped face.

Maine coon
North America's native long haired cat, with a thick, shaggy coat, has a large body and muscular definition.

A shorthaired cat with a dense coat, a
tailless cat that originated on the Isle of Man.

A longhaired version of the Russian blue.

Norwegian forest
A longhaired cat native to Norway, with a thick and full weatherproof coat and a woolly undercoat, it is a medium to large cat with tufted ears, large, almond-shaped eyes, and a plumed tail.

With a short, thick coat this large spotted breed was originally created by interbreeding Abyssinians, Siamese, and American shorthairs.

Has a short coat and exceedingly fine fur, it is a non-pointed version of the Siamese and comes in any color except pointed.

A very long thick coat with sturdy body, short muzzle and large round eyes.

A semi-long haired full coated cat with a large body and a sweet and relaxed temperament.

Russian blue
With a short double coat including a heavy undercoat, giving this graceful cat its plush look.

Scottish fold
A short, dense, soft coated cat, has a sturdy body, folded ears and a
sweet, cute
looking expression.

Selkirk rex
A curly coated cat with a large muscular body.

A short coated cat with very soft, and exceedingly fine fur, with a thin and slender body.

A small, stocky cat native to Singapore. It has large, almond-shaped eyes and a short, brown, ticked coat similar to a wild rabbit's coat.

A longhaired version of the Abyssinian with a semi-long, slightly shaggy coat, it has a slender body and a long bushy tail.

An almost hairless cat with very fine down like fur on face, ears, paws, tail and back, skin feels like velvet to the touch and looks wrinkled.

One of the newer breeds,
a shorthaired with a soft and shiny coat, this breed was originally produced by
breeding the Burmese and Siamese.

Turkish angora
Has a semi-long haired, fine textured elegant coat,
being thicker on the underside, tail and neck, shedding extensively in warmer months.

Turkish van
A semi-long haired ancient breed native to eastern Turkey near Lake Van, is known to enjoy water and will actively choose to bathe.

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